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Weaving Dream CMS website construction security setting method 0

Weaving Dream CMS website system has been exposed to hundreds of thousands of websites and has become a Trojan website. Weaving Dream CMS website construction security setting method (secret) has always been a favored problem for the majority of webmasters. Because weaving dreams has always been the most efficient and fast website construction program, on the other hand, weaving dreams are also well-known open source programs, and many natural safety loopholes. Low, Chengdu Xiaogao SEO hereby share the safe and effective setting method of the dream dream CMS website. 1. Modify the default background user name and password (dede to other names) 2. Delete the member folder (only limited to websites with no member function on the website) 3, Delete the install folder (website installation folder) 4, modify the username and password 5, choose a secure and stable space server. 6, regular website backup. The above is the security setting method of the dream dream CMS website, the above methods can only be done in general The security settings, the most simple and straightforward dreaming CMS website security setting method is: often back up the website and database, no matter who is black to your website can be replaced at any time, reducing unnecessary losses, I hope the above dream security settings can help The majority of webmasters.

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