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How to use SEO technology to intercept the traffic 0

How to use SEO technology to intercept the traffic, the traffic acquisition, the customer acquisition method is not only the website ranking home page, but also can be integrated through the external resources to achieve traffic interception, especially for ABC decoration. Industry, many core keywords are occupied by major platforms, they are high-powered, high-traffic, wide-ranging keywords, it is difficult to share a piece of Google homepage, we are Here for teaching you how to use off-site SEO technology and resources Online website homepage ranking.

1. Do not make the homepage ranking of the website. The homepage ranking can be achieved according to the industry-related platform interception. The top ranking of the industry competition is the platform. The platform traffic is heavy and the competition is very difficult. The platform performs traffic interception conversion. First step to find platform

1, high traffic

2, high weight

3, high inclusion

4, low-cost platform platform – blog resource platform

5, platform home page, platform column

6, knowledge community, forum

7, website submission station SEO Keyword layout

1, similar to the internal meaning of the website, similarity

2, content mining and editing

3, creating high-quality high-value content

4, distribution of each platform

5, Third-party traffic word selection

6, User questioning and answering actual demand effect tracking

1, Utilization Webmaster platform query conversion rate

2, View the inclusion situation

3, Operational results do a good job website rankings first analyze the search page ranking analysis, you are facing competitors are mostly platforms or independent sites, if the platform is mostly, the competition is quite large Select out-of-station SEO optimization interception for traffic conversion to achieve website ranking. WE are hereby recommended to support SEO technology keywords and screens and traffic interception.