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How to Create And Customize Google Maps 0

We all know that Google Maps is one of most powerful apps on the web to navigate faster and easier throughout the world. However, what most of us may not know is that you can customize Google Maps in terms of UI and and other features. And it doesn’t require any JavaScript knowledge as well.

Snazzymaps is a tool that aims to make it easier for anyone to customize Google Map. It has a nice and friendly user interface. You can build the map with just a couple of selections from the select box and you don’t even have to code.

There are many options for you to control the look of the map. You may also insert your custom marker icon and places. And the best part is it provides plenty pre-built map styles.


Snazzymaps works exactly the same like customizing Google Map using map styles API. It gives you a UI that is nicer than what you can do with plain JavaScript code. Within the tool, all options are located in the left panel, leaving the remaining space for the map.

build a mapbuild a map

The options on the left are used to customize the look of the map: size, location, marker, map type and map theme. All the changes will be automatically previewed in the map.

Adding Custom Marker

This tool lets you easily add your custom marker to map places. To do this, firstly you need to provide your marker icon URL and also the address of the place you want to mark.

With this Hospital Building icon from Map Icons, this is how to add the marker.

hopspital building maphopspital building map

To start off:

  1. Select Add your first marker option from the left panel.
  2. You will be asked to add a name for the marker, and location. Here we simply name it Hospital. For the Location, we can simply click anywhere on the the Map, and it will populate the Latitude and Longitdue value for you.
  3. Select the “Custom Marker” and upload the icon.
marker controlmarker control

And here’s the result.

map resultsmap results

Once done, don’t forget to save the Map. Here, you will need to name the map and add your own Google Maps API key.

save mapsave map

Embed the Map

So, now that you’ve customized the map, the next step is to put it on the web. To get the code, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the View Code button.

embed mapembed map

You’ll get an HTML iframe tag with the URL to embed the map copy and paste all the code and put them at anywhere into your website content.

Final Thoughts

We’ve just seen how easy it is to create and customize a map using Snazzymap. You can customize the look and feel, size, and a few components within it. All these are built on top of the Google Maps API.

Do let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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How to Display Data as Table in Browser Console 0

Console is a browser built-in tool that logs errors that happens on the website. If there are any errors – such as broken links, incomplete JavaScript functions, or unknown CSS properties – the browsers will show error messages within the Console.

On top of that, we can also interact with the Console through the shell and the Console API, which comes in useful when testing certain functions and data output. Here, we will show you one handy tip for Console API use.

Accessing the Browser Console

In Chrome, we can select View > Developer > JavaScript Console menu to bring up the Console. Alternatively, we can also use the shortcut key: Cmd + Option + J on OS X, and Ctrl + Shift + J on Windows.

Shown below is an error-free Chrome Console.

console blankconsole blank

From here, we can start using the command provided in Console API.

Interacting with the Console

We can interact with the browser Console through the Console itself and by adding JavaScript within the document. As an example, here we tell the Console to output “Good Morning!” by typing console.log() command directly in the Console:

console good morningconsole good morning

As mentioned, we can also apply the console.log() within the document. One practical console.log() use is to test a JavaScript conditional statement. We can see more clearly if the result returns true or false with the help of console.log().

Below is one example:

var a = 1;
if(a == 1) {
} else {

The code above will return true, since the a variable contains the number 1. In the Console you should see the browser output the text true.

console if statementconsole if statement

Output Data as a Table

Sometimes, we would be dealing with an Array of data or a list of Objects, as shown below:

var data = [
	{ name: "Andi", age: "21", city: "Tuban" },
	{ name: "Ani", age: "25", city: "Trenggalek" },
	{ name: "Adi", age: "30", city: "Kediri" }

This data will be hard to read when we use the console.log() method. The console.log() method will show the Array in collapsible tree view, as shown below.

cole log arraycole log array

When we are dealing with such an Array, using console.table() is the better way to output it. This method will show data in a table format. Taking the same data as above, it will ouput as:

console tableconsole table


The browser Console helps web developers handle errors in websites. We can also use it to test data output, like with the console.log() method. When we have an array data console.table()command would come in more useful, as it shows the Array in a table format that is easy to read. Do take note that the console.table()is only applicable in Webkit-based browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and the latest version of Opera.

Further Reading

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30 Surreal Face Art For Your Inspiration 0

Face! It’s what humans express their own expression, happy or sad, excited or angry. It’s also how humans judge one’s beauty like, let’s say, who doesn’t want to have a face like Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, or Gerald Butler, you know, the one who casted king Leonidas in the movie 300.

But hey, does the face only looks beautiful with regular formation, 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth? Sounds boring, how about a valve on the eye, a mouth which looks like a drawer, or a face that can be flipped like a book? Eww, that will be ugly, but wait, think again after you enjoyed this showcase

As you might’ve expected, in this showcase there will be absolutely no handsome or beautiful face, but just cool and inspiring face which received serious Photoshop surgery by artists who apparently don’t know what is the limitation of art. You’ve seen all kind of beautiful faces in your life, but now, let these face challenge your view of beauty, have fun!


Pareeerica blends human’s face really well with pretty much anything, this gorgeous one is Alec Baldwin‘s face combined with a wolf.

(Image Source: pareeerica)


Perfect blend between the mask and the figure, the naming is just right as the mask also has something to do with the word, anonymous, just it’s quite complicated.

(Image Source: RubberSun)


What is your face made of? I’m not quite sure, but for sure this piece is made by great artist.

(Image Source: Kosmur)

Beaux Arts Magazine Closeup

Very nice idea with extraordinary Photoshop skill, and most importantly it’s unique!

(Image Source: WALEE)

beaux arts magazine closeupbeaux arts magazine closeup
Broken Heart

Please don’t do it in front of human, at least in front of me. Utterly chilling and cool manipulation!

(Image Source: Leonheart)

broken heartbroken heart
Chest Of Drawers

Will the mouth looks beautiful if it’s designed this way? But for sure this piece is beautifully done.

(Image Source: adnrey)

chest of drawerschest of drawers

“About something inside me, what I found, when I cut…”

(Image Source: adnrey)

Cover My Face

Looks like the positioning is, may be, wrong? Creative idea done with great manipulation skill.

(Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)

cover my facecover my face
Where’s Our Ear (Lady)

Another favorable version with ears in wrong position. There are in fact many of the similar ideas out there, but I particularly love Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s works, neat and artistic.

(Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)

where's our earwhere's our ear
Cracking Up

Realistic cracking effect with perfectly applied texture, awesome one.

(Image Source: pareeerica)

cracking upcracking up

“Do you think, you know me..? No… I don’t know myself…”

(Image Source: adnrey)

Face Manipulation

You will be surprised yourself, and I will be scared. Nicely done with a funny manner.

(Image Source: Thomas Cullen)

face manipulationface manipulation

“The ripped texture layer along with the mean look? Perfect combination! I bet he plays a kick@## bass! =)” – filam61

(Image Source: Glenn Karlsen)

Ghost Of Egypt

The eye of Horus, how magically done.

(Image Source: pareeerica)

ghost of egyptghost of egypt
Half Life

I can’t believe you won’t recognize this idea if you’re a Half Life player, and yes this is actually one of the Halve’s logo. Really love this, seriously yet funnily done!

(Image Source: adnrey)

half lifehalf life
Parée & Nefertiti Blend

What can I say? It blends perfectly.

(Image Source: pareeerica)

paree and nefertiti blendparee and nefertiti blend

Unique concept and look at the slice… neat!

(Image Source: Kosmur)


Perfectly photoshopped piece with significant amount of aesthetic, I love this face.

(Image Source: adnrey)

Rim Job

“Test shot with new ‘strip lights’ I constructed. Used them for rim lighting on the edges (notice the light outlining my face/shoulders!?)”

(Image Source: RubberSun)

rim jobrim job

Terrific manipulation and processing, and what’s terrific more, you can actually learn to do the same from this 2 part tutorial.

(Image Source: Tutzor)

Shattering Face

Creative and glamorous effect, there’s also a nice similar manipulation available in deviantArt page.

social veneersocial veneer
The Skin

Or perhaps this is the future of the machine? Wicked one.

(Image Source: Kosmur)

the skinthe skin
Tear Off Face

Similar idea with the Broken Heart, but with the Giuseppe Mastromatteo-specific artistic style.

(Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)

tear off facetear off face

Here comes a very fun and creative series done by adnrey, favored them!

(Image Source: adnrey)


It’s probably funny unless it happens in real world, outstanding idea.

(Image Source: adnrey)

Watch You

It looks so innocent, yet, not so innocent… scarily charming piece.

(Image Source: adnrey)

watch youwatch you
Vector Composite Face

An unique effect which can be achieved by some fairly basic techniques including clipping masks and displacement maps, just learn from the tutorial!

(Image Source: PSDTuts)

vector composite facevector composite face
What A “Handsome” Face

“The idea popped up in my mind when pondering about the origin of the word “handsome” 😉 Surprisingly, all my friends interpreted the picture completely differently, ranging from “something reaching out from inside the face” to “teeth” and “shouting” to “hurt”. May I ask you as a viewer to share your initial impressions in a few brief words ?”

(Image Source: Lutz Schubert)

what a handsome facewhat a handsome face


I must say I had serious fun time doing this, not because these great manipulation works look funny, but I’m pleased with how unsuitable elements can be mixed together to give birth a face that looks awesome, inspiring, and apparently beautiful. I think this is what’s called art, achieve the genuine beauty with elements that just don’t seem to fit!

You think you saw a cool face today on the web? Don’t hesitate to show to us, let’s get inspired together!

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Manage Your GitHub Notifications With Octobox 0

The default GitHub notification system is great, however, when you only have a few projects. It gets a lot more complex when you’re part of dozens of projects, all of which you actually care about.

This is where Octobox comes in handy. This is a free tool that lets you easily manage your GitHub notifications using an inbox structure like Gmail.

In many ways, this does feel like an inbox. You can archive new notifications to get them out of the way, tag certain messages, and manage your notifications with a cleaner interface.

Octobox main pageOctobox main page

There isn’t much to see on the Octobox homepage but there’s plenty of info on the GitHub repo.

Basically, when you sign into Octobox you have a full UI with your latest notifications in one place. These are pulled via OAuth coming from the GitHub API. This makes it a lot easier to handle newer messages and stay on top of the latest notifications.

Note that Octobox works on any server and you can run your own Octobox notifications manager with something like Heroku or Docker.

This setup requires custom web notifications along with some knowledge of basic server setup. But it shouldn’t be complex for anyone who’s used GitHub enough that their notifications are out of control.

Plus Octobox comes with a bunch of settings you can customize on the server to handle message details.

Octobox settingsOctobox settings

If you’re a GitHub power user then you’ll be longing for these kinds of notifications. They’re so much easier to manage than defaults and you’ll feel more in control over your projects than ever before.

To get started just sign into the Octobox website, or download a copy of Octobox to host on your own. Either method works great and it can be a game changer for day-to-day tasks on GitHub.

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Advanced SEO tutorial methods 2019 0

Advanced SEO tutorial methods 2019  is a strategic behavior of Baidu’s Advanced SEO, not a search optimization method based on SEO basic knowledge. Sometimes, it may be separated from the basic common sense of SEO optimization.

Advanced SEO tutorial method 2019 strategy:

1, using the site to query the website, the home page is not the first, is it a reduction?

I believe that most people will say yes, of course, some people will say no, then whether it is to reduce power or not to lower power, the data from the research shows that it is the most reliable. Since this topic has been thrown, then this point should be used to expand one face. Only by thoroughly understanding it, can you understand the details of many aspects of SEO.

As a person of SEO research, we must consider the positive and negative arguments, and there must be a counter-revolution. The opposite of this is not to discuss whether its site value is not in the first place. Instead, look at the ranking of this set of data from a big direction. What is the big direction? Everyone knows that when searching for a keyword, it will rank according to the weight of the current page of the website. Similarly, there will be a corresponding ranking of the weights between the pages inside the website.

In addition to the reduction of certain factors, there is also the fact that the weight of the inner page is greater than the weight of the first page. (PS: Many people like to check SEO data from the love station/master tool. Personally think that the best SEO tool in China is the Baidu webmaster platform, because you can find many unknown mysteries).

According to the data value of the Baidu webmaster platform, in addition to the keyword ranking, there is a page ranking, and the ranking of the page will appear in the entire website where the current page is located within a time period, and the page weight of the website where it is located may also be considered. High and low.

Of course, there is also a real power reduction, that is, the penalty that the home page encounters. Relatively speaking, the power reduction is only for cheating with a specific page. If all the whole pages are involved, the final result is The website is downgraded by K instead of simply. (ps: About the reduction of power, common factors such as keyword density stacking, brush click, abnormal outer chain in a short time, etc.).

Another is that your inner page weight is significantly larger than the home page, then your inner page ranking will be far from the site first in a certain period of time. Although the initial weight of the top-level domain is higher than other pages, the content of the inner page will be larger than the ranking of the home page through the richness of the content, the breadth of the outer chain and the time. Speaking of this is the second side of the following I want to expand for everyone.

Advanced SEO Method Strategy

2. The content is king. Is the outer chain still effective?

In the past two years, most SEO practitioners have paid more and more attention to the so-called user experience. In fact, in a sense, you are satisfied that users can’t really satisfy the search engine, but the satisfied search engine can’t really satisfy the user. If you have done SEM, you will have a deep understanding, a landing page will determine your conversion rate.

To do any meaningful level of SEO, ranking data is the most effective way. In particular, the external chain scores announced by Baidu in the past have declined, and most SEO personnel have become weaker in the concept of external links. In a sense, this is actually a concern for SEO personnel who have been doing for many years. For me, I may silently say the last sentence in my heart. After the outer chain, the opponent will soon become less and the optimization will become more and more relaxed.

Regardless of whether the content is king and the outer chain is yellow, let’s take a look at the SEO formula. No matter how the algorithm changes, the core formula of SEO will not change. This is why most SEO personnel can’t really grasp the essence of SEO. Go for optimization and actual combat.

SEO formula: SEO=∫Clock=∫C1+L2+K3+O4

(1) ∫ is an integral symbol, C=content, L=link, K=keywords, O=others. SEO is a long-term “time” integration process, the content is the core;

(2) C1—rich content is the first element, and the importance of arranging content in order of originality, pseudo originality, and reprinting satisfies the user experience;

(3) L2—The rationality and richness of the link is the second element. Reasonable and effective internal links are as important as rich external links, and highly correlated high Pr values ​​pages in external links are especially important;

(4) K3—Keyword factor is the third important factor, including: reasonable Title, Description, Keywords, page keywords and related keywords density and reasonable layout; 5, O4 – other factors, such as: domain name, Station age, server, website architecture, layout, layout, Url, maps, etc.

If you understand the above formula, then it is not difficult to find out the proportion of the content and the external chain. Many people will pay attention to the layout, layout, site map and other points. Many people sometimes go to research some very strange ranking websites, they don’t have them, the quality of the articles is very bad, and the rankings are so good. When you don’t get through a point, you go to see a face that only leads to you. The more blurred you look. Of course, the example is the best explanation.

If you still don’t understand enough, I use a short word to show that you will penetrate into this face. A page has ten rankings, and we try to put aside some of the search engine’s own positions, assuming there are 7 positions left. Then we get the current content, the external chain, the TDK setting from the SEO formula is still the majority factor in the ranking, of course, in recent years there is also a kind of click. Looking at this problem from these four kinds, we can clearly understand how to start.

SEO I summed up a sentence, knowing myself and knowing each other. A confidant is knowing the search engine algorithm that you are in, knowing that you are knowing the large amount of data values ​​of your competitors. When you surpass your opponents by including the content of the website, content quality, update frequency, click volume, external data and stability, tdk keyword density, etc., your ranking will naturally be higher than him.

Of course, in general, you need to look at your website type, just like not updating the outer chain and having a good ranking. Then, if your content is good enough, it will still be good if you don’t send the outer chain. The rankings, such as the rankings of thousands of websites, are still very good. However, clicks are also essential. In order to be stable, whether it is a simple external chain or rich content, in the end, if you want to base on the stability of the homepage, you need a certain amount of clicks to support.

3, Advanced SEO tutorial methods 2019: do not increase the external chain, improve the flow of the site

Many times, SEO specialists have been in a state of being out of the chain for a long time. Almost all keyword rankings and traffic increase are based on high-quality external links, but Batman ∏, want to say sometimes, and need to rely on more The outer chain can also achieve the purpose of stream promotion, you can pass the following tips

  1. 301 redirects multiple URLs

When a website is in a long-term operation, it often produces repetitive pages, which causes the traffic to be too scattered. If you try to merge multiple URLs with 301, you will find that the target URL weight will continue to rise. And the overall traffic will increase slightly. Of course, you can also buy high-quality, highly relevant sites, use 301 to redirect to the target URL to get more traffic, but this requires some skill, otherwise it is easy to be judged to cheat.

2. Optimize existing ranking page

When a content page gets a good ranking, it is often ignored by SEO beginners. This actually misses a lot of opportunities for ranking and improving traffic. For example, you can check whether the page can expand more long tail keywords. Over time, whether new hot keywords have been generated, whether you need to re-adjust the page title, and some minor adjustments will bring additional surprises. The so-called advanced SEO is a process of refined operation.

4, Advanced SEO tutorial methods 2019: do not write original content, increase the chain

If you are good at using SEO data monitoring software, you will find that constantly creating high-quality content, you can really increase the external links. When we don’t have much time to create high-quality content, how can we increase the external? Linking this time, we need to learn: good at summarizing and arranging high-quality resources, such as: integrating industry video tutorials, collecting large coffee article catalogs, embedding convenient gadgets, and providing more free resources.

What is SEO? How does it help to increase the ranking of a website? 0

SEO is a collection of best practices to help search engines to crawl and index your website and then to increasing the rank your website in search results. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of  getting traffic from natural listings on search engines.

It includes technical optimization (sitemaps, hierarchy, URL structure, etc.), on-page optimization (titles, headings, quality content, etc.), and off-page optimization (social media, link earning, public relations, etc.).


Take for instance Google, the search engine giant. Google has developed automatic algorithms that have helped in providing quality results to its users and eventually rank a website having useful and authoritative content. It has come a long way from its Humming Bird algorithm update which was originally introduced for voice search and long tail keywords restricted to improving the indexing of information. The latest Pigeon update focused on improving the rankings of locally listed websites in the search results. Likewise, earlier with its Panda and Penguin updates, Google prohibited low-quality websites and/or pages from performing well in the search engine results page (SERP) and lowered the rankings of websites that infringed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines respectively.

These algorithms consist of “spiders” or “crawlers” which crawl and index your website and eventually evaluate it for over 200 SEO indicators that help in defining whether your website is valuable or worthless. Our webmasters excel in the art of making sure not only these spiders but more importantly the visitors are pleased with what they discover on your website. SEO experts at Ethnos understand the importance of crafting a structured data plan with rich snippets that help in boosting click-through rates on your Google listings and thus optimize your digital presence.

Today you have learned about What is SEO and How does it help to increase the ranking of a website?